fabrics division

Quality, reliability, design, toughness.

Tiba Tricot has been in business since 1963, with products covering a vast range of warp-knitted fabrics for different industrial sectors: technical and sporting apparel, footwear, mattresses, automotive, contract work, and bonded fabrics. We have extended our range with new innovative fabrics made with bacteriostatic technologies for the medical and sanitary sector. From classic warp-knitted fabrics (charmeuse, velveteen, shirts, stiff and elasticized tulle, jersey, perforated and mesh fabrics) to a wide collection of 3D fabrics that have been specially designed for various applications

and with technical features designed for final use, Tiba Tricot works with a leading network of customers and subcontractors that enable us to enhance the fabrics to meet the most demanding standards in terms of appearance and surface finishes and ensuring compliance with technical parameters.

Our range of machines uses 2 and 3-shaft warp-knitted looms and 4 to 7-shaft looms for manufacturing 3D fabrics.