Tiba Tricot Srl

Tiba Tricot Srl is a company specializing in the manufacture of warp-knitted 3D spacer fabrics and circular knitwear.
All our fabrics are manufactured only in Italy with dedication and care guaranteed by over 50 years of working experience.

50 years
of history

Tiba Tricot started in 1962 at the initiative of its founder, Antonio Brugnoli, who started to manufacture warp-knitted fabrics on behalf of third parties with the first three German Raschel looms in the facility in Sacconago.

Our mission

Quality and innovation, based on a deep and constant analysis of needs and market changes, have distinguished the company over the years, making it in fact one of Italy’s leading companies, which has paved the way for the more complex process of internationalization. In-house, the growth process of the expansion phase is the result of a careful focus on the needs of the workforce and intensive motivation and enhancement of roles.

From the selection of raw materials to the manufacture of the fabric, we have a wide range of skillsets that are backed up by effective customer relations. For us, innovation means listening, experimenting and, above all, harnessing the latest available technology, which enables us to provide products with top performance. The combination of all this creates the strategy that Tiba adopts in the pursuit of perfection, which has enabled us to make high quality yarn for more than half a century.

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Eco sustainability

CERTIQUALITY ISO 9001 (REGULATION 2015, Certificate ~ 10 out of 10000); the productive phase excludes any type of substance that is classified as harmful to the health of consumers and fully respects the environment, safety parameters and quality standards. Building on our past mistakes and with an eye to the future, we present our most innovative fabrics: ColdTouch, Far Infrared Ray, Dryblast and X Carbon.

CERTIQUALITY is an organism at the service of businesses that is accredited for the certification of company management systems for quality, the environment, safety and product certification.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1 is an independent control and certification system for the entire world of textiles, from raw materials to semifinished products and finished products in all processing phases.